Broccoli Salad

Last weekend, my family and I celebrated my brother’s birthday.  He recently moved closer to home so it was the first time in a few years that we’ve seen him for his birthday.  My family got together at my Dad’s house to have a little BBQ so I asked if I could bring anything along. I really love broccoli salad and I’d never made it so I volunteered to bring that as well as a cake. (Fun fact about the cake: I actually had to make 2 because the first recipe I used was bollocks) I found this pin and the recipe has a nice casual feel to it which I appreciated.

Putting the recipe together was pretty easy.  It’s really like 2 recipes – one for the dressing and one for the salad.  I put together a little gif to show the steps.  Basically measure and toss together.  Monica at Older Mommy Still Yummy encourages you to make the recipe to your taste.  It’s not very rigid and I think cooking is like that a lot in general.  I added dried cranberries and omitted onions.  I don’t know why, but my family aren’t big onion fans. The bacon went over pretty well though.


The only real work was cooking the bacon and mixing the dressing.  I’m a big fan of simple recipes, but actually cooking bacon instead of using bacon bits seems like a good place to go the extra mile. Mixing the dressing wasn’t too hard either.



Grade: Cost: Time:



15 minutes

Level of Difficulty:
What I Would Change:
There are a lot of ways you could customize this (and the original poster gives some suggestions) so do as you like!
Overall Impression:
 This was easy and a slightly healthier take on normal bbq/picnic “salads.” I would definitely make this again.  Highly recommended.


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