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Ever start to write with a dry erase marker, make a mistake then try to erase it like you do with a pencil? If you have, you’ve realized that it doesn’t work (unless you’ve paid premium price for the markers with an eraser already attached). I love to create “to do” lists with my dry erase board. I can color organize it and when I’m done I just wipe it off.

Now, I don’t buy those fancy “I have an eraser attached!” markers because they’re both expensive, and don’t last as long and normal markers. Usually I use a tissue to erase between two lines (because a traditional eraser is mostly good for erasing larger areas). I found a pin for hot gluing a pom pom to the end as an eraser.


I bought a bag of pom poms from target for $2. I’m sure you can find them cheaper elsewhere, but I was already there and this bag had a nice variety of sizes. I have a variety of sized markers so this worked well for me.

While I let the glue gun warm up, I selected pom poms that matched both size-wise and color-wise with the markers. It would bother me to have a green pom pom on an orange marker. I was luck to be able to match all of them except the pink marker. I opted for a black pom pom for that.

I put just a small dab of glue onto the end of the marker and quickly stuck the pom pom. This portion is the reason it’s so IMPORTANT to select your pom poms before you start gluing!

It took only a few minutes for the glue to dry. I left them for about 10 minutes just to be sure it was dry. Then I tested the markers on our calendar and it worked great!

Grade: Cost: Time:


Depends if you already have the markers and hot glue gun. I only had to buy pom poms for $2.

10 minutes for glue gun to warm up.
2 minutes to make.
Level of Difficulty:
What I Would Change:
Overall Impression:
I love these. The easy erasers are awesome. The only down side is that you have nowhere to place your marker cap. Aside from that, this was a very easy pin that so far works great!

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